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H O U S E   W I N E  ($2.00 off glasses during Happy Hour)



W - The Walls ‘Le June Vignes’ Med-Oak Chardonnay, Exclusive, Vineyard Direct  $10. Glass Only

Sustainable from planting to mouth, Walla Walla WA


W - CA del BAIO  ‘Luna d’ Agosto’ Dry Chardonnay, Treiso Italy  $10./40.


W - Ant Moore 100% Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand  $10./40.


W - Angelini Pinot Grigio DOC, Veneto Italy  $10./40.


W - La Perlina Sparkling Moscato, Vento Italy 375ml  $10.


W - Angelini Prosecco DOC, Vento Italy 187ml   $10.



RS - Angelini Rose Prosecco, Split -187 (1 glass per bottle), Verona Italy  $10.

When Available…   As romantic a prosecco as one could be. Great start to a meal…



R - CA del BAIO ’BricDelBaio’ Barbaresco Blend from 4 Crus. Exclusive, Treiso Italy  $10./40.

David’s Favorite


R - The Miscreant Project ‘Right Bastard’ Exclusive, Vineyard Direct, Walla Walla WA $10./40.

A French Bordeaux style right bank wine. 76% Merlot and 24% Cabernet Sauvignon


R - The Walls ‘Quintessence’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Exclusive, Vineyard Direct  $10. Glass Only

 Sustainable from planting to mouth, Walla Walla WA


R - The Walls Envy Syrah, Exclusive, Vineyard Direct  $10. Glass Only

 Sustainable from planting to mouth, Walla Walla WA


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O U R   W E L L  L I Q U O R 


Luxe & Loaded (Spokane) Vodka, Old Forester Rye, Tito's Vodka, Brokers Gin, Don Q Rum, El Jimador Tequila


S P E C I A L T Y   C O C K T A I L S   ($3 off during Happy Hour)


Your Tie  $12

-Leblon Cachaca, Falernum, Macadamia Orgeat, Tiki Bitters, Myers Rum Float

Kiss From a Rose  $13

-Rosemary infused Gin, Lillet Rose, Passionfruit Liqueur, Lemon, Lavender, Sparkling Rose

Kentucky Juice Box  $13

-Dewars Scotch, Apple Cider Syrup. Lemon, Ginger Bitters, Flaming Cinnamon

Tea’s Knees  $11

-Tea Infused Vodka, Lemon, Earl Grey Honey Syrup, Soda

Upper East Side  $11

-Rye, Crème De Cacao, Grand Marnier, Orange Peel Oleo, Chocolate Bitters

Oaxacan On Sunshine  $13

-Mezcal, Crème De Cacao, Triple Sec, Cilantro Tincture, Mole Bitters, Salt

*Make it a Margarita!

Old Irishman  $12

-Jameson Black Barrel, Guinness Syrup, Chocolate Bitters

Red Skies at Night  $14

-Plantation Dark Rum, Licor 43, Campari, Salers

1920 Ritz Sidecar  $13.

-Brandy - Orange Liqueur - Lemon Juice


James Bond’s Vesper Martini  $15.

-Brokers Gin - Tito's Vodka - Lillet Blanc French Aperitif - Lemon Juice


Lipstick & Rouge  $13.

-Aperol - Amaretto - Lemon Juice - Prosecco


Silk Espresso Martini  $13.

-Borghetti Espresso Liqueur (Italy) - Whipped Cream Vodka - Amaretto - Cream


1940 Sazerac  $13.

-Old Forester Rye - Absinthe - Peychaud Bitters


NHG Egg White Sour  $13.

-Well Bourbon or Rye - Amaretto - Egg White - Sour


Paper Plane  $13.

-Four Roses Bourbon - Amaro Nonino - Aperol - Lemon Juice


Vieux Carre  $14.

-Old Forester Rye - Brandy - Peychaud Bitters - Bitters - Benedictine - Sweet Vermouth


Mezcal Paloma   $12.

Mezcal - Grapefruit - Blood Orange


North Hill Margarita  $12.

-El Jimador Tequila - Triple - Grapefruit - Prickly Pear - Lime Juice

French Martini  $12.

-Luxe & Loaded  - Raspberry Liqueur - Pineapple Juice


Lemoncello Drop  $12.

-Tito's Vodka - Lemoncello - Lemon - Sugar Rim

Botanist  $15.

-Bombay - St. Germain - Yellow Chartreuse - Lemon/Lime - Simple


Clover Club  $12.

-Brokers - Raspberry Liqueur - Lemon - Egg White


Janet's Tickled Pink  $12.

-Don Q Rum - Cranberry - Prickly Pear - Lime Juice - Mint


Between the Sheets  $13.

-Don Q Rum - Brandy - Triple Sec - Lime - Soda Water


C h i l l e d  M u g  O n  D r a f t    $6.


Big Barn IPA, Mead WA   6.21% ABV

No-Li Big Juicy IPA 5.4% ABV

Icicle DirtyFace Amber Lager 5% ABV

Pelican Head Out Hefeweizen   4.2% ABV

Iron Goat Goatmeal Stout 5.6% ABV

Reubens Robust Porter   5.3% ABV

Natural 20 Witch Hunt Brown - (Malty, Cranberry, Pie Spice) 7.6% ABV

Coors Light

Shilling Imperial Apple Pie Cider 8.4% ABV

Tieton Cider Works Huckleberry Cider 6.9% ABV


B o t t l e d/C a n n e d   $4.


Corona, Mic Ultra, Bud Light, Miller Light, Kokanee, Guinness N/A, Heineken N/A


S e l t z e r s $4.


Truly Margarita Style  Classic Lime

White Claw Peach Tea Hard

White Claw Mango

Truly Wild Berry


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